About Us

One World Links is a security services provider company since 2008. We gives the complete security solutions to the customers with our full efficient after sales our services with complete customer's satisfaction. We have designed a complete surveillance solutions that meets your requirement and budget estimated.

One World Links works closely with our customers, especially in the designed phase, to ensure that the customer receives a system that will perform the functionality that the customer requires like the CCTV Systems, the process starts with understanding what the customer wants to achieve and from that point the following are Calculated, correct camera placement, camera functionality, and choice of camera lenses, which is done with the aid of tools which determine the cameras field of view and distant object sizes etc., camera illumination requirements for viewing in darkness, DVR functionality – including recording and playback speeds, DVR hard disk sizing, CCTV functionality and specialized analytics if required, video transmission media etc., integration with other systems, control room functionality, remote viewing, lightning and surge protection, UPS systems, etc. Although One World Links can perform most of these functions alone, we do also make use of our supplier's experts as and when required.

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